What's the battery life like on the Aviator/Afterburner?

The battery life for the Aviator and Afterburner depends primarily on two variables:

1) The brightness of the light you're using (i.e. the Aviator/Afterburner Boost versus the Aviator/Afterburner standard)

2) The brightness setting you're using: the Aviator features four settings (Boost, Steady, Flash and Eco-Flash) while the Afterburner has three (Boost, Flash, Eco-Flash).

3) Most of our customers need to recharge battery every 2 weeks.  Although, it will depend on how often you ride at night.

4) Exact specs are below:

Aviator: 2 hours - Steady 
              6 hours - Flashing/Eco Modes

Afterburner: 6 hours Steady 
                   12 hours Flashing/Eco Modes

Many of our riders grab an extra battery to keep to keep in their backpack while riding, just in case.
Invincible Rechargeable Batteries

*In terms of the life cycle, the typical estimated life of a Lithium-Ion battery is about two to three years or 300 to 500 charge cycles, whichever comes first. 
If your batteries are malfunctioning about two or three years after your purchase, your batteries are likely at the end of their lifetime. These are not covered under our Forever Promise Warranty. We have new batteries for sale on our website at the link above.