Can I raise my handlebars?

If your Invincible bike feels too short, or you feel that you are leaning too far forward, you have a couple options. 

1) We offer a Stem Raiser  HERE.  This raises your handlebars up to 3.25 inches more.  

2) You can adjust the position of your handlebars by replacing the stem with a longer or more angled stem (the part that holds the handlebars in place).

Two variables determine the position of the handlebars: the length of the stem and the angle of the stem. 

Our standard stems are made of alloy, have a 7 degree rise, and come in two lengths: 90mm for the 50cm (S) and 54cm (M) models and 105mm for the 58cm (L) model.

Replacement stems are widely available online or at your local bike shop. Common rise angles vary between 0 degrees and 20 degrees. Common lengths vary between 80mm and 130mm.

For example, here is a replacement stem with a 20 degree rise and multiple length options that will create a more relaxed riding position:

If you have questions about bike fit, contact your local bike shop or the Fortified customer support team for more help. 

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