My brake lever is frozen. What do I do!?

Are you unable to pull your brake lever to make the brake slow or stop your bicycle!?   

During the winter, this can occasionally happen when water gets into the housing of the brake cable and freezes the cable when the temperature drops. This stops you from pulling the brake lever to stop the bike.  

As this can be very dangerous, we recommend regular brake cable maintenance to make sure your brakes are always working when you need them! 

Any measure you take is temporary if you can't prevent water from getting into the cables. Spraying WD-40 inside the cable housing is a good "water dispersant", But, as I said, this measure would be temporary.  After using WD-40, use a cable lubricant, which will help keep moisture out. TriFlow, which is a light synthetic is a good option. You'll only need a few drops at a time, so don't worry about buying in bulk.  The other lubricant you could try is a waterproof grease, the same stuff people use on their bearings and threads.