Common Bike Assembly Issues

These are a list of issues, which may occur from not assembling your bike correctly. You may want to double check the list to assure you are riding safely. 

1)Your bike doesn't feel right and the front wheel is hitting my pedal when I turn

  • Your fork is backwards. 
    • 8Speed-the disc brake bracket should be on the left side of the bike
    • 1Speed-your brake calipers should be in the front of the fork

2)My steering column feels loose.

  • The stem, fork, and spacers need to be loosened, removed, and reset. 
    • We recommend taking your bike to a local bike shop if you are unfamiliar with these parts. 

3)My Delta Cycle Knox Nuts keep loosening on my wheel axle. My wheel feels loose. 

  • Your wheel locking nuts need to be tighened more securely
  • Add bike grease to the threads before tightening the wheel nuts. 
  • We offer THIS TOOL, to make tightening the wheel nuts easier.