Buying a Bike Online - Common issues

When buying a bicycle online, there are common bike mechanical issues that can arise, especially when the bike is not assembled by a professional bike mechanic, or when you are new to bike mechanics. This article is meant to help you navigate bike ownership and provide helpful tips on making sure your bike is in tip top shape and ready to ride safely!

We recommend that you get comfortable with watching Youtube bike repair videos, or with taking your bike to a local bike shop for a safety check right after you assemble it or when in need of repairs or tune ups.  It's always great to learn basic maintenance for your ow bike, but in case your need assitance, a professional mechanic can easily fix any problems that arise. We've listed some information below, including links, for reference.

1) My chain is skipping

  • When the bike comes in a box, it often gets jostled and things shift in transit. This means the derailleur may need tuning. 
  • As this is a more advanced skill, we have include an instructional video below. If you are struggling, we recommend taking your bike to a local mechanic. 

2) My chain fell off

  • 8 Speed Bike: Your derailleur may need to be adjusted and tuned. See video above.
  • 1 Speed: Your rear wheel may be slipping forward. Make sure your wheel nuts are securely tightened.  Make sure your axle is far enough back in the dropouts, so the chain is taut, with a little give (about half an inch). Also, check to make sure your tension screws are screwed in and sitting against the axle.  
  • Both: Is your wheel even in the dropouts? If it is askew, the chain will more easily fall off because it's at an angle. 

3) My handlebars are creaking

  • Make sure your faceplate bolts are greased. 
  • Make sure your handlebars are exactly even in the stem. Sometimes feeling the taper on the center part of the bars is easier then eyeballing it. If not, the bars will creak and potentially slip to the side. 

4) My pedals fell off 

  • Pedals will quickly strip out of the crankset if you have cross-threaded the bolts when putting the pedals on. Pedals can also eventually strip if you have not completely tightened them during assembly.  Please contact for spare parts.